Building It Beautiful with Photographer Giulia Vigna




Giulia Vigna is a photographer that has a degree in fashion design, after living in Rome and New York, Vigna is currently based in London. After studying Fashion Design, Vigna, turned her visual talents to photography by creating the on going series Building It Beautiful, a celebration of the uncelebrated. The idea of this series is to create a meaning for the things around us in daily life that may go unnoticed until you stop and stare at those objects, especially architecture. Using simple compositions and forms of photography, Vigna captures the beauty in the streets of the city.

Building it beautiful, mixes the different urban architecture from, buildings under construction to ones that are modern and contemporary. Capturing the buildings is only one part of the series, but also appreciating what a city is, taking in the cars, signs and other man made objects that surround us, paying attention to the little details. Vigna is a photographer that visualises the beauty in objects, if they are new or old. The techniques and compositions used show that the photographer is passionate and inspired by those around us.

As an ongoing series, we hope to see Vigna’s work adapt and carry on capturing the evolving world around us. Vigna is planning to self publish a book on Building It Beautiful, which we can’t wait to see, and you can keep up to date with the series, and any other ongoing work Vigna may have by going to her website, or following the photographer on instagram.


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