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GUEST POST: Exploring the pain of beauty one lace bodysuit at a time

Lingerie designer, Amelia Stephenson, talks me through her brand’s latest collection at her Pain vs. Pleasure exhibition at Blessings, Shoreditch.

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Interview with Lingerie designer Hanaa Hateley

Lingerie Designer hanaa Hately designs bespoke pieces for her brand Burnt Jasmine

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Bespoke and recycled jewellery by brand BASICLY

BASICLY is a jewellery and accessory designer who uses her creative skills to design beautiful bespoke jewellery

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Lorenzo Pantani Take Two

We are back with Lorenzo Pantani and his follow up work of Nipal's back stage work with the campaign fashion video!

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Interview with jewellery designer Caron Goldman

Caron Goldman is a jewellery designer who specialises in handcrafted pieces made from beads.

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Mythology inspired photographs by photographer Luke Weller

Nottingham based photography Luke Weller is a portrait and fashion photographer who explores the ideas of sculpture, painting and people.

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Wanderlust by photographer Chloe Beddoes

Chloe Beddoes is a UK based photographer who captures moments around the world by exploring people and the world

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Botanical Ipad Paintings by printed textiles designer Frances Ellen Shaw

Frances Ellen Shaw is a freelance printed textiles and embellishment designer who creates beautiful and bold ipad paintings

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Imaginative illustrations with designer Silvia Sperduta

Silvia Sperduta is a graphic designer and illustrator based in London who produces wonderfully styled illustrations

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backstage with videographer Lorenzo Pantani

Lorenzo Pantani is a Italian filmmaker based in London currently focusing his work on behind the scenes in fashion

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cultural contemporary designs with textiles artist Flavia Molinari

Flavia Molinari is a textile designer based in London who specialises in embroidery by creating detailed pieces of work through contemporary and cultural inspiration

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Interview with fashion blogger Shireen Raymond

The lovely blogger of Throughtheselr Shireen Raymond has taken time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about being a blogger and what inspires her.

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Flawless finish with makeup artist Molly Wilson

Tunbridge Wells based make up artist Molly Wilson creates beautifully flawless make up using natural and neutral colours

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elegance and beauty with illustrator Giulia Parini

Giulia Parini is a fashion illustrator that uses multiple techniques and inspiration to create stunning and elegant portraits

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Interview with actor, model and dancer Charlotte Hockley-Hills

Today with spoke to charlotte hockley-hill who is a dancer, model and actor and was nice enough to speak to us about her career

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